We teach independent living skills

We collect and distribute clothing, hygiene items, shoes, and other items for those in need. 

We have collected and distributed teen size clothes to those in need both in residential programs and students in Alternative Learning Centers. We are currently fulfilling requests for those in need of new hygiene items, such as; toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo, and deodorant. We also meet the need for youth in residential placement that do not receive personal hygiene items other than those provided.


We teach independent living skills so that youth can transition back into the community. 

As well as transition from teen to adult. Completing High School, Testing Prep, Post Secondary Options, Careers and Jobs, Financial Literacy, Housing Options, Community Resources, Vital Documents 

Post secondary options‚Äč

 We help teens research options for post secondary education, such as; trade schools, technical and community colleges, as well as apprenticeship and mentoring programs.


We educate teens on the process of completing a F.A.F.S.A, how financial aid works, applying for grants and scholarships, and connecting to a education counselor at a school of their choice.

We offer positive social experiences. 

Activities include: arts and crafts, gardening, cooking, games, guest speakers, book club and off site excursions to events.

We offer positive experiences for teens to fulfill community service obligations. 

We work with students that are required through their high school to complete community service as part of coursework. 

As well as youth that need to complete Community Service as part of a court order.